PLEASE NOTE: The login method for Staff/Faculty and PostDoctoral Scholars has recently changed.

Western faculty and staff

If you would like an account to post jobs or to promote events to students, please login using your Western Identity.  If your Western Identity login does not work, please email thadwen2@uwo.ca for assistance.

Post doctoral scholars

Please login using your Western Identity username and password. If your Western Identity login does not work, please email thadwen2@uwo.ca for assistance.

On Campus Student Positions

Note: For on-campus student positions, students cannot complete applications through Career Central. For these positions this board may be used for advertisements only.  Job advertisements here on Career Central must link students to Working at Western (http://www.uwo.ca/hr/working/staff/index.html) in order for them to complete their application. Please ensure that your job advertisement clearly indicates the instructions for application and redirects students to this site.
The Working at Western system is separate from Career Central. Only staff with recruiter status can post jobs through Working at Western.  For assistance with posting a position on Working at Western please contact your department Administrative Officer.  For more information on Working at Western please contact Western Human Resources at hrhelp@uwo.ca.  

Please note: Work study positons are not posted through CareerCentral, please proceed to workstudy.uwo.ca to post and manage these positions.

Questions? Email successcentre@uwo.ca


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